EPP Statutory Congress

In the morning of Wednesday 21 October at the EPP Congress in Madrid, the European Seniors’ Union (ESU) organised an event about ‘older persons in decision making and equal opportunities’. There were several speakers who shared their knowledge and experience on this subject. Apart from ESU President An Hermans, there was also José Ignacio Echániz Salgado, National Executive Secretary of Health and Social Services of the Partido Popular (PP); María José Ordóñez Carbajal, Expert in programmes on older women and gender violence; Rosa Porras Camarena, President of SAEMU (Helpdesk care for older women), Juan Manuel Martinez Gómez, Expert partner services – care; and  Cristina Rodriguez –Porrero, Director of the National Reference Centre for Personal Autonomy and Assistive Technology (CEAPAT). The discussion was moderated by ESU Vice-President Carmen Quintanilla Barba.

An Hermans said: „This conference shows the importance of reciprocal information on the European level. Initiatives, regarding violence against women and older persons, and the development of technical resources for older persons will surely encourage to take new initiatives.”

Apart from that, An Hermans participated in the afternoon of 21 October in a debate with Elmar Brok (President of EUCDW) and Georgios Chatzigeorgiou (President of EDS). The debate covered the theme of ‘an inclusive society’. Furthermore, the issue of asylum seekers and how they can be integrated in this inclusive society was also briefly discussed. Johan Op De Beeck moderated the debate. An Hermans referred to the experiences of seniors, who had to flee themselves from war, violence and oppression, on a certain point in their lives. “Here there is also a task for seniors”.

For more information about the EPP Congress, visit http://madrid2015.epp.eu/



Events in 2015

20 years ESU

Brussels - Belgium

On 6 November 2015 the European Seniors' Union (ESU) celebrated its 20th anniversary in the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) in Brussels.

Regional Conference: elderly abuse and exploitation

Larnaca - Cyprus

On 16 September 2015, several delegations arrived in Larnaca for the ESU regional conference on "Elderly abuse and exploitation".

Food4Thought - Europe's Senior Voters

Brussels - Belgium

On 1 October 2015, the ESU organised a Food for Thought event together with the Wilfried Martens Centre about 'Europe's Senior Voters'.

International Day of Older Persons 2015


On the occasion of the Internationial Day of Older Persons 2015, ESU President An Hermans wrote a message.

Regional Conference: Lifelong learning and active ageing

Münster - Germany

On 11-12 September 2015, the ESU and the Senioren-Union der CDU Deutschlands organised a Regional Conference around Lifelong Learning and Active Ageing.

ESU visiting Cyprus and its seniors' organisation

Nicosia - Cyprus

On 9-10 September 2015, the President and Secretary General of the ESU visited Cyprus and its seniors' association.

Summer Academy 2015: Citizens' Security in the EU

Vienna - Austria

On 3-5 July, the Summer Academy of the ESU took place in Vienna around 'Citizens' Security in the EU'.

Convention of Hoyre Seniors

Bergen - Norway

On 20-21 March 2015, the ESU President and Secretary-General participated in the Convention organized by the Hoyre Seniors in Bergen, Norway.