ESU greetings to the Seniors union NSI-Nova Slovenija

This year the Political Party Nova Slovenija proudly celebrated its 20th anniversary. Several events were organized to reflect on the history of the party, on the history of Slovenia and to meet the challenges of the future. On the 7th of September, the president of the EPP, Mr. Donald Tusk, visited Slovenia and met various political actors of today, including Ms. Ljudmila Novak, Member of the European Parliament.

On 29.09.2020: it was up to the Senior Union NSI-Nova Slovenia to organize a festive gathering to celebrate Nova Slovenia’s 20th anniversary. Several speakers took the floor (Mr. Zdravko Luketič, Mrs. Ljudmilla Novak, Mr. Jože Strgar…). The participants enjoyed a cultural program and were very interested in the presentation of the book by Dr. Jože Možina on the history of Slovenia. As ESU, we were pleased to be invited to ‘digital’ attend this ceremonial session of the Seniors Union NSi. – Nova Slovenija which was founded in 2004.

President An Hermans addressed the slovenian seniors through a video message: “Dear friends, Slovenia is a young, independent nation. The complex history of your country, your own life story, the changing environment in which you live, reflect Slovenia’s quest for freedom, for democracy, for peace, for the well-being of its people. And we know it: in Europe we have to build this strength, this unity step by step, and every day. The responsibility to work together in Europe is not only a responsibility for governments, for heads of state and for industries … it is a challenge for all of us.” Please enjoy the greetings from An Hermans by using this link.

It was a real pleasure to be connected with our colleagues and express our hopes and wishes for the future. Our ESU delegate Ernest Morgan added: “It was a rich and very educational session and celebration, of course limited by a number of visitors because of COVID-19. We concluded the sessions by expressing our hopes for better times in the future


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