ESU & EPP join forces for better care and more support for long-term care facilities (LTCF)

The experience, research and reflection on older persons during the pandemic inspired the ESU to take various initiatives. We want to express our gratitude to the EPP for supporting us in expressing the needs of seniors in these unprecedented periode. This support took different forms, we happily elaborate on some in this update:

It took a lot of cooperation, brainstorming, and planning, but we were proud to present in the EEP Political Assembly (28.09.2020) the results of our discussions, namely the ESU resolution on ‘Europe’s Recovery Building the future of fair and resilient societies – including all generations’. We were able to emphasize the content of the resolution during this Pol. Ass. and received support and appraisal from different backgrounds. The resolution was considered important for emphasizing the needs and expectations of seniors in ageing societies. The adoption of the resolution by the EPP gives us hope that lessons will be learned from this tragic period, that stereotypes of ageism will disappear and that all citizens will be treated equally. Please read the EPP approved resolution here.

The letter from ESU President An Hermans about the ‘International Day of Older Persons (IDOP)’ was welcomed and supported by the president of the EPP, Donald Tusk. He commented: “The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is indeed taking a disproportionate toll on older people, in terms of lives lost, but also through the impact the restrictive measures in place are having on those among us who are less connected and less familiar with modern technologies. Our priority should now be to make our societies and our economies more resilient toward any future similar crisis and, in your letter, you have highlighted the way forward: solidarity, inclusion, respect for human dignity and the fight against discriminations.”

Furthermore, on the occasion of the IDOP and our letter, the EPP invited An Hermans for an interview with Sarah Pini, (Deputy Head of EPP President’s Office). Several subjects on ageing and ageing policies were discussed during this conversation. You can find the interview here. Using social media, this interview was further distributed, shared and watched.

“Older people, particularly those living in LTCF, have gone through a dramatic period. The whole environment was under pressure. Governments had to make decisions to protect their citizens and this often meant: no or limited social contact, no circulation, no visits to nursing homes. But this often created a situation of isolation and fear, partly due to the fact that older persons are not used to all kinds of means of communication. This dramatic situation was criticized, not only by older patients and their families, but also by human rights organizations.” – An Hemans during the interview (01.10.20)



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