ESU-IDEA Symposium: Supporting inclusive governance for sustainable democracy

To mark the EU Day of Intergenerational Solidarity, the Office of International IDEA to the EU and the European Seniors’ Union co-hosted a Symposium on “Supporting inclusive governance for sustainable democracy”.

Central guest speaker was: Ms. Marianne Thyssen, European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion. Ms. Thyssen underlined the importance of the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights to enhance prosperity, fairness and social protection for all.

Representatives of European political parties and their Youth and Seniors wings were given the opportunity to present short statements, highlighting their priorities to promote inter-generational solidarity, in preparation for the 2019 elections of the European Parliament. A panel discussion on “Involving generations in Dialogue for Democracy and European inter-generational solidarity”, took stock of challenges, opportunities, and best practices of inter-generational cooperation.

Andrew  Bradley,  Director  and  Head  of  the  Brussels’ Office  of the International IDEA to the EU moderated the panel. Discussants were: Julia Krebs, European Students’ Forum (AEGEE Europe), Mathilde  Poncelet,  Head  of  Public  Relations  and  Communications,  Ja Europe,  Alec de Laminne de Bex, Mentor and Julie Boson, Advocacy Coordinator, Duo for a Job. Some closing remarks were presented by Anne-Sophie Parent, Secretary-General, AGE Platform Europe, highlighting some developments some new challenges, and… the never ending need for solidarity between generations.

Events in 2018

ESU and the EPP Congress

Helsinki - Finland

On 6-8 November, the ESU participated in the EPP Congress in Helsinki.

International Day of Older Persons 2018


On the occasion of the International day of Older Persons on 1 October 2018, the ESU released a message of ESU President Hermans.

ESU invited to the 10th Forum of Third Age

Nowy Sacz & Krynica - Poland

The ESU was invited by ESU vice-president Janusz Marszalek to participate in the 10th Third Age Forum (5-7 September) in Nowy Sacz and Krynica in Poland.

Summer Academy 2018

Vienna - Austria

On 6-8 July, the ESU organised its Summer Academy about ‘Europe’s Demographics: From challenges into innovative and coordinated opportunities'.

Regional Conference: Building Bridges towards solidarity and social cohesion in the Baltic countries

Vilnius - Lithuania

On 17-19 May, the ESU Regional Conference on 'Building Bridges towards solidarity and social cohesion in the Baltic countries' took place in Vilnius.

Regional Conference: Älter werden in den Euroregionen

Aachen - Germany

Am 27. und 28. April fand in Aachen eine ESU-Regionalkonferenz über 'Älter werden in den Euroregionen' statt.

ESU Presidium meets President Daul

Brussels - Belgium

On 24 April the ESU and YEPP a common statement on Intergenerational Solidarity and met with EPP president Joseph Daul.

ESU Annual Report 2017

Brussels - Belgium

At the beginning of 2018, the ESU presented its annual report of 2017.