Tribute to An Hermans: A Legacy of Dedication and Friendship

For over a decade, An Hermans has served as the President of the European Seniors’ Union, alongside the Secretary General Guido Dumon. As she said farewell to her role  during the Congress in Leuven, she reflected on her 11-year tenure with profound gratitude for the warm connections and friendships forged throughout the years. In her farewell speech, she extended a heartfelt call for continued dedication and engagement from ESU members at all levels. Please find her speech here

At the recent Election Congress held in Leuven from 8th to 10th April, An Hermans was honored for her remarkable service. The delegates, recognizing her exceptional leadership, thanked her with the title of ‘Honorary President’, a fitting tribute to her years of tireless advocacy on behalf of seniors across Europe. This honor, initiated by the Finnish delegation, underscores the profound impact An has had on the ESU and its members.This prestigious title acknowledges her significant contributions and enduring commitment to the organization

Throughout the Congress, in collaboration with the European People’s Party, a video was curated featuring testimonials from ESU members, each offering personal words of appreciation to An. These heartfelt messages underscore the impact of her leadership and the lasting bonds she has cultivated within the ESU community.

Moreover, Professor Steven Van Hecke took the stage to deliver a presentation on the essence of An’s character and career. His words painted a portrait of An filled with sincerity and grace. Indeed, we owe An and Guido an immense debt of gratitude, and we move forward with confidence, building upon the solid foundation they have established for the ESU and its members.

As we honor An Hermans for her unwavering dedication and commitment, let us also reaffirm our pledge to uphold the values she has championed and to continue advancing the mission of the European Seniors’ Union. An’s legacy of warmth, leadership, and advocacy will continue to inspire us as we navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead.

We extend our heartfelt best wishes to the new Chairman, Stefaan Vercamer. With our full confidence and support, we entrust him to lead us forward alongside the ESU family as we embark on this exciting election year. Together, let us take bold strides towards a future where the voices and needs of seniors across Europe are heard and respected.



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