For a Better Tomorrow: Engaging Seniors in European Elections

As we approach the upcoming European Elections on June 9th, 2024, it is crucial that we, as seniors, recognize our role in shaping the future of our continent. The European Seniors’ Union stands at the forefront of advocating for a better tomorrow, built on the principles of unity, democracy, and intergenerational solidarity.

ESU resolution: For a Better Tomorrow – Let Us Make the Difference

At the recent ESU Congress in Leuven, held from April 8th to 10th, 2024, the resolution titled ” For a Better Tomorrow – Let Us Make the Difference was met with enthusiasm and approval. This resolution, initiated by the Senioren-Union of CDU Baden-Württemberg, underscores the importance of societal engagement against extremism and hate, while emphasizing the values upon which European unification was founded.

A word of our President:

Dear ESU Friends,

In the introduction of the EPP 2024 Manifesto, we affirm “Europe is our home. As the EPP, we have built a Europe where people’s dignity, security and freedom always come first. We, as Europeans, are more than the sum of our national identities. Our history, our heritage, our Judeo-Christian roots and our cultural diversity define us. United in diversity is a unique strength that has made peace and prosperity possible for most Europeans.”

In today’s turbulent world, many people harbor uncertainties about their future and that of future generations. At the suggestion of our German colleagues form Senioren-Union of CDU Baden-Württemberg, the ESU, in collaboration with the EPP, seeks to convey through this resolution the importance of cherishing what our predecessors have built in Europe.

 The upcoming European elections carry immense significance in countering extremism. Therefore, we urge support for democratic parties in June. They advocate for effective governance, prosperity, and security for the times ahead. Let us unite our efforts in the weeks to come to amplify this message with one voice.

 Together, let us each contribute to achieving favorable outcomes for the EPP in June!

 Warm regards,

 Stefaan Vercamer

 ESU president 

EPP 2024 Manifesto and the intervention of Heinz Becker

The 2024 EPP manifesto, a guiding document for the upcoming European elections, outlines the party’s core beliefs and priorities for a stronger, more cohesive Europe. It emphasizes key themes such as the European way of life, the importance of a competitive economy, and the necessity of citizen-centered policies. Additionally, the manifesto underscores the significance of democracy, highlighting the need for transparent and accountable governance at all levels of the European Union.

In collaboration with the European People’s Party (EPP), the ESU has played a role in shaping the EPP 2024 Manifesto. Through fruitful cooperation, we have ensured that senior citizens’ priorities are integrated into the party’s agenda, reaffirming our belief in a citizens-oriented Europe.

During an online webinar hosted by the AGE Platform on April 18th, 2024, Heinz Becker, Vice-President of the European Seniors’ Union, delivered an intervention. Drawing upon his experience and expertise, Becker articulated the key contents of the EPP Manifesto, particularly focusing on policies that directly impact seniors. His ten-minute speech resonated with attendees, as he eloquently outlined the party’s commitments to address the needs and concerns of older citizens.

As an active participant in the working groups that contributed to the development of the EPP Manifesto, Becker’s insights were invaluable in ensuring that senior citizens’ perspectives were adequately represented. Through collaboration between the ESU and the EPP, a special chapter dedicated to senior priorities was incorporated into the manifesto, affirming the party’s commitment to inclusivity and responsiveness to diverse demographic groups.

Our key message for the EU elections

As we look ahead to the elections, we urge every citizen, young and old, to exercise their democratic right and participate in shaping the future of our continent. We call upon first-time voters, as well as our fellow seniors, to cast their votes and make their voices heard.

Our message to the younger generation is clear: the decisions made today will impact your future. Stand up for what you believe in, and vote for candidates and parties that align with your values and vision for Europe. Together, across generations, we can build a Europe founded on principles of human rights, democracy, freedom, peace, respect, and solidarity.

Let us seize this opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to a better tomorrow, and let our voices resonate at the ballot box on June 9th. For a brighter, more inclusive Europe, let us make the difference together.



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