News from the ESU associations: Thoughts and experiences to share

On 13th July, the Summer Academy, a four-day event organized by WMCES, CEDER, and ESU, came to a successful conclusion, leaving all participants inspired and enriched with valuable information. The event took place in both Brussels and Leuven, and its empowering program, planned with engaging speakers, discussants, assistants, and interpreters, ran seamlessly from day to day, hour to hour.

The final morning of the academy was dedicated to the ESU-association’s internal aspects and future prospects. Delegates from various European associations shared their thoughts and experiences. Representatives from the Netherlands (CDA Senioren), Belgium (CD&V Senioren), Cyprus (Senior Citizens Organisation of Cyprus), Finland (Kansallinen Seniorilliitto ry), Estonia (Seniors’ Association of pro Patria and Res Publica), Germany (Senioren-Union der CSU), Belarus (PUBP “Nasha Pakalenne”), Südtirol (SVP generation 60+), Slovakia (Zdruzenie kresťanských seniorov Slovenska), and the Czech Republic (Sdružení křesťanských seniorů) discussed various topics:

1. Electronic Elections: Countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, and Estonia shared their experiences and thoughts on implementing electronic voting systems.

2. Public Transportation and Digitalization: Südtirol (SVP generation 60+) raised concerns about public transportation and its digitalization, emphasizing the need for efficient and accessible transportation systems.

3. Participation of Seniors in Society and Healthcare: Germany and the Netherlands discussed the involvement of seniors in society and the provision of adequate healthcare services.

Financial matters were also addressed during the meeting, including the approval of the ESU accounts and balance sheet following the acknowledgment of the audit report, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Preparations for the new ESU mandate (2024-2029) were discussed, with the ESU congress scheduled for 2024, during which the election of the new presidency would take place. Participants stressed the importance of finding a candidate for the presidency who possesses both content expertise and leadership skills, with the decision to be made before November. Some participants suggested opting for shorter terms for the presidency and creating a clear list of responsibilities for the position. It was also noted that different countries have varied election procedures, which may contribute to limited responses in certain cases.

The meeting calendar for 2023/2024 was presented, providing an overview of upcoming events and gatherings, with special mention of a three-day conference in Cyprus in November and a meeting in Bratislava.

Our friends from Belarus, through their organization PUBP “Nasha Pakalenne,” fight daily for the interests of seniors in Belarus. They emphasized how valuable their experiences during this event have been and how they will definitely carry and apply these insights back home.

For more than ten successive years, the Summer Academy had been held in Vienna. However, this year, from 10th to 13th July, it was organized for the first time in Leuven and Brussels. Participants left the event with a sense of renewed commitment to their active citizenship in Europe, understanding their crucial role in shaping its future, one day at a time.


Events in 2023

ESU Annual Report 2023


Our ESU 2023 Annual Report is available

Brainstorm on “Enhancing the Digital Skills of Seniors in the Slovak Republic”


The primary aim of this project is to optimize digital literacy among seniors in Slovakia by developing lessons focused on digitalization for seniors.

New perspectives about ageing better

NIcosia - Cyprus

Regional Conference in Nicosia on new perspectives about ageing better

UN International Day of Older Persons


President An Hermans has provided a message in on the occasion of the 33rd UNIDOP on October 1st.

The ESU joins UNIDOP celebrations in Cyprus

Foini - Cyprus

On October 1, ESU President An Hermans and Secretary-General Guido Dumon joined in the UN International Day of Older Persons (UNIDOP) festivities in Cyprus.

Empowering Active Retirees in the Digital Era: An Inspiring Encounter


On July 20, 2023, ESU-president An Hermans was invited to speak before a group of retired professionals in Kortrijk, Flanders on the topic: MIL.

Martens Centre Survey on 'Regaining the Middle Ground for the Centre Right' and discussions


The focus of the survey was on understanding the mindset of the European middle class, particularly their economic, psychological, and security concerns.

Advancing a Human Rights-Based Approach to the Digital Environment


Patrick Penninckx led a presentation on fostering a sustainable, people-centered, and human rights-based approach to the challenges posed by digital environment

Europe as a task & Challenges for the EU


3rd Day of the ESU Summer Academy with guest speaker Herman Van Rompuy, Emeritus President of the EU Council

'Europe as a Task'


Insights into EU Governance: Exploring the European Commission and the European Semester at the Summer Academy

ESU's Visit to EPP Headquarters in Brussels


Strengthening Bonds and Understanding: ESU's Visit to EPP Headquarters in Brussels

"Why Europe? - Presidency Meeting with Prof. Steven Van Hecke"


ESU presidium meeting during first day of the Summer Academy

​​European People's Party Political Assembly in Munich


The EPP Political Assembly brings together representatives from all EPP member parties and associations

The European Day of Solidarity between Generations


The European Day of Solidarity between Generations aim is to raise awareness of the importance of intergenerational solidarity and to promote dialogue.

Symposium CD&V-senioren – CDA senioren – European Seniors’ Union


A fascinating day on ‘Creating dignity in the final phase of life"

National meeting 'Generation 60+' in Bozen/ Bolzano

Bozen/ Bolzano

'Generation 60+' held an election meeting in which Otto von Dellemann and Christine von Stefenelli were confirmed in their positions.

The EU’s Care Strategy – Perspectives and Reflections of the ESU


A European Care Strategy was at the center of the discussions at the ESU Executive Committee Meeting (EXCO), which took place on March 25, in Leuven.

ExCo meeting in Leuven- Side Event


The ESU Facilitated meeting between the Chairpersons of the Foreign Affairs Committees of the Belgian and Romanian Parliaments

Presidium and Executive Committee meeting in Leuven


On 24-26 March, we organised a meeting in Leuven with Presidium members and Executive Committee members.

Biennial national meeting of Hoyre-Seniors


ESU president An Hermans and general secretary Guido Dumon were invited to Bergen, Norway, for the biennial national meeting of Hoyre-Seniors.

A new EU healthcare strategy - Video conference with Sirpa Pietikäinen


Besides some information on ongoing ESU initiatives, the meeting focused on the new European care strategy.